Instrumentation: Tuba quartet (2 euph, 2 tuba)
Difficulty: University
Duration: 4’00”

Xornada (2013) was commissioned by the Henry Mancini Institute as part of the First Annual CCI Residency Competition. The winning group, Pandemonium Tuba Quartet of Coral Park High School, Miami, FL, premiered this work in May 2013.

The word “xornada” (roughly pronounced “sher-NA-thuh”) is Galician for “journey.” Galicia, located in northwest coastal Spain, possesses a hilly, rustic landscape and high coastal cliffs. The atmosphere lends itself well to a sense of adventure, which was the main focus of the work. The score indicates “Boldly, ‘in your face’” at its beginning, an instruction that there should be nothing subtle about epic journeys, adventures, or tuba quartets.

This work is still waiting to be recorded. Interested? Contact me!