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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for joining me on this project! I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I do. 🙂

Here are the instructions for how to participate, step by step. I’ll need everything from you by March 1 at the very latest! After that, I’m going to be immersed in the editing, hoping to get the finished video up by mid-March for everyone to enjoy.

So, without further ado…

STEP 1: Preparation!

Here’s an mp3 of the MIDI file for the score, and a link to download the score itself:

The Elemental Powers SATB Score

If you’re playing an instrumental part, Here are the individual parts:

The Elemental Powers: Bodhrán Part

The Elemental Powers: Piano Extract

The Elemental Powers: Piccolo Part

The Elemental Powers: Tambourine Part

Once you have the score… please watch the following YouTube video for performance/rehearsal notes!

Step 2: Recording!

There’s a video with a conducting background track hereAll you have to do is start videoing yourself, put on the conducting track on headphones, follow the beginning cues asking for your name and part, clap in the first measure, and then sing along with the track. And that’s it! INSTRUMENTALISTS: If the MIDI is too distracting, just play alongside a metronome set at 132 (with headphones on, of course).

There are a few things I’d like everyone to keep in mind…

  1. If you can, please do two or more video takes! If you’re singing multiple parts, this’ll be taken care of already, but even if you’re just singing one part, doing two separate takes of it gives me several editing options. I’ll probably do six takes of myself singing three or four different parts.
  2. Try to make your two takes from different camera angles, and avoid shooting head on! This’ll give me my best options for editing.
  3. I don’t need 4K ultra-HD quality recordings, but if at all possible try to record the video at at least 1080×720 resolution! This is the standard for most smartphones nowadays. If you’re savvy and want to record with a top-quality microphone, that’s fantastic, but the mic on your phone will be just fine too.
  4. Try to record in the quietest place possible, without too much reverb! You’ll want to turn off the heat or A/C while you’re recording.
  5. Wear whatever you want! (Just remember, it’s going on the Internet.)
  6. After you’re finished recording, double-check that’s there’s no bleedthrough from the headphones you were wearing! If I hear the metronome in your take, I won’t be able to use it.

Step 3: Sending me the video!

Your videos will probably have a file size of roughly 500MB each, which is too big to send to me through email. But there are other ways to get your videos to me…

  1. Cloud file sharing. Upload the videos to your favorite cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.), and then share a download link with me through the email If you have another email address of mine, you can share it with me through that email as well.
  2. YouTube. Another thing you can do is simply post your videos to YouTube and then send me the link! You may want to leave the video unlisted in your privacy settings. I can rip the video from YouTube using an online service and then go from there.
  3. In person. If you’re a Miami local with a thumb drive, just flag me down and have me download it directly!

Again, thank you so much for contributing to this project! I wouldn’t be able to do this without your participation, and I can’t wait to see what ends up happening. If you have any friends/colleagues that you think will be interested, feel free to invite them as well!

Happy music-making, everyone!!